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Here’s proof that one disease can be used effectively to kill off another disease. In this case, the HIV virus is being used to basically get rid of cancer cells in a patient. It’s a controversial and early form of treatment, but one that has shown some progress. Who would have thought, right?

A brief video from The White House showing how progressive has been made in the fight against AIDS and HIV and how there’s still a lot to be done to make sure it becomes eliminated entirely from the global population.

Oh man, stop what you’re doing right now and watch this ad from The Topsy Foundation about a woman named Selinah who has AIDS and volunteered to be filmed for 90 days to show what AIDS can do to the physical human body. The video is a reverse time-lapse of Selinah actually getting better through […]

German doctors have reason to believe that they may have encountered a possible cure for HIV by means of a bone marrow transplant. From what I understand, some people are resistant to most strains of the HIV virus because their bodies do not produce a molecule that normally acts as a “doorway” for the HIV […]