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I love watching these videos of the HK divisions coming to fruition. In this case it’s HK HONEY.


My friends over at HK Honey have spun out this prototype of a honeycomb candle. Looks wonderful and I bet it smells good too!


This is great news! Michael over at HK Honey just shared a new project he and some others have been working on called HK Farm. HK Farm builds upon the ideals of HK Honey and expands on the community aspect of local farming in an urban environment. I so want to be in HK to […]

This reminds me a bit of Michael Leung’s HK Honey video I posted last year.

Kiku Ohe and Exit Films shot this film about Michael Leung and his company called HK Honey which harvests honey from local beekeepers in Hong Kong. Not to diminish the quality of the rest of the film (which is really spectacular by the way) but make sure you watch out for the wonderful shots of […]