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4chan is a fascinating and mysterious (and sometimes dangerous) place where a lot of what’s popular on the internet finds an audience and goes viral. Lately, 4chan members have been known to start hoaxes which lead to widespread confusion. In this particular case, they started a fake death page for a young girl named Addison […]


Let this be a lesson to you all: You can die pretending to be Bigfoot! A man in Montana met his untimely fate when he dressed in military camouflage known as a¬†Ghillie suit and roamed the streets trying to scare drivers into thinking they saw the elusive beast. His prank didn’t play out so well […]


Photo: Lance Cheung/US Air Force via Getty Images I was reading a post about the Golden Gate Bridge on In Focus just now and came across this interesting bit of information. Apparently the photo above taken by Lance Cheung for the US Air Force during a drill is the original image for the helicopter shark […]

Ok, fine, I’m playing into the whole fun fakery thing, but you gotta admit, this is a nice fake video. Thanks John!

TMZ is reporting that the masters of the Balloon Boy Hoax Richard Heene and Mayumi Heene, are auctioning their famed flying saucer to benefit those struck by the tragic earthquakes in Japan. The family is selling the flying saucer through a private attorney which will make sure that this is not going to play out […]


Officials say the balloon boy incident was a hoax concocted by Richard Heene and his wife.