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This video is important because for the first time ever I see a genuine practical use for Google Glass that doesn’t necessarily focus on the user. Here, we see a hockey player wearing Google Glass and recording the action from his POV. This technology is still so new that in a few years I imagine […]

An ad for batteriesplus.com I think? Anyway, check out this hockey player wrapped in fiber optic lights and skating around an ice rink.

I’ve seen rats tossed onto the ice during NHL games before (during Florida Panther games) but I’ve never seen or heard about the Teddy Bear Toss until now. The Teddy Bear Toss is a fun way for home teams in the Canadian Hockey League to boost moral and also donate teddy bears to less fortunate […]


Photo: Bernard Bernbaum, circa 1941 Impeccable lighting scenario in Bernard Bernbaum’s 1941 photo of a hockey game in The Bronx. It’s slide #4 in this slideshow of Kodak’s amateur NY photographers.