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I’ve been finishing up a book I’ve been putting off for a while called The Big Oyster by Mark Kurlansky. In one particular section, Kurlansky writes about how oystermen along the Hudson in the early days of New York found out how to teach oysters to hold in water. Why would they need to do […]

Haha, this is a perfect way to make ordinary people run for no reason.

Adam Kimmel dressed David Blaine in some fancy clothes and dunked him into the ocean off the island of Guadalupe where he was then surrounded by sharks with no protective gear. David Blaine proceeded to hold his breath underwater — like he does above water when he does his endurance “magic tricks”. The video is […]


Fast Customer is a really fascinating concept and company that I can get behind. Their goal is to be the middle-man between you and [at the time of this post] about 1000 popular companies with customer service phone numbers. The idea is brilliant really because they offer a service that takes care of something that […]

Just so everybody knows, Starbucks’ new Trenta-sized coffee cups can hold a full bottle of wine. [via]

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This Pinch Stand by Clank Works would be a great help in photographing my bike standing upright freely. It comes in dark and light bamboo colors and costs $89. Should I make my own?