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Are you following recipes from a book in the kitchen only to find that cooking with one hand free is a hard thing to do? Well, Sagaform is out to remedy the situation with this simple kitchen accessory called Hold that holds cookbooks open so you can freely cook with both your arms and hands. […]

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The Cypress Wallet by Connor Ferster is an interesting take on the slim wallet by incorporating a better bill/money area that doesn’t require you to peel the wallet apart like most bi-fold wallets. The bills are clearly visible on one end while the other end neatly hides the other half of the bills with a […]


Photo by Matilde Gattoni/Bloomberg This photo from The Denver Post’s Captured blog shows a portion of The Palm Jumeirah (The Palm Island) in idle development. Over the past year or so, Dubai has been so heavily affected by the slowing world economy that it is now asking for an extra 6 months to pay off […]


Joshua Harris designed this innovative new coffee lid to free up your hands when grabbing a cup of coffee. The new lid features a place to hold milk/cream and sugar without having to worry about it falling as you’re walking. Seems simple enough, but no coffee lid I’ve ever come across has ever featured these […]