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Subterranean Breakfast Nook

So these two guys dug a hole in the forest, built a makeshift roof with sticks and plywood, and called it their own Subterranean Breakfast Nook. This is straight out of Bridge To Terabithia, haha.

These giant holes in the wilderness sure seem like a great way for elephants to get trapped. And one is trapped here but thankfully rescued by a team of helpful humans. The mom is distressed clearly and so is the baby, but there’s a good ending to this one.

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Ladies, how would you like to combine all your orifices into one? Just like a bird? Well, now you too can lay an egg! [via]

Carrying a knife around for all purposes seems like a better idea than carrying a tool that only pokes a hole into a coconut. But whatever, you can’t go wrong either way I guess. If you’re intrigued at all, you can get a CocoDrill now for $9 on Amazon and drink to your heart’s content!