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This video gives me Trypophobia

First of all, can we all agree that Vat19 is the SkyMall of the internet? They sell the weirdest stuff. Secondly, this video of a Garlic Rocker Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher gave me Trypophobia — you know, the feeling of extreme uneasiness and goosebumps due to the sight of things with lots of small holes. […]


This is a neat street art project by A Common Name called Geode. Using cut pieces of paper colored to look like crystals, various holes in and around LA are filled in to look like little tiny treasure holes. No treasure to be found, but is aesthetic value must make the neighborhood block go up […]

Nano-Optic Technology for Enhanced Security (NOtES) from Nanotech Security uses nano-sized holes punched into surfaces to reflect light and display security messages with the same brightness as an LCD screen. No batteries needed!

I am completely mesmerized by this machine. How does this work? And how do the cups not have any holes after it’s been lifted off of the beer dispenser machine. Is it magic? [via]