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Miracle on 22nd St from sarah klein on Vimeo. Jim and Dylan, two men who live together in an apartment on 22nd Street in Manhattan, receive a large number of letters addressed to Santa Claus every year. There seems to be no explanation for it and as far as they know, it’s not a joke. […]

Holidays from Miami Horror on Vimeo. Miami Horror has been on my most-played for the past week or so. They’re a Melbourne-based disco-rock-electronica band that has been popping up all over the place and for good reason too! Their sound is super catchy and fun and full of energy…perfect for a run or a good […]

I’ll probably be taking the rest of the day and weekend off, but before I did I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Thanks for keeping up with this blog this past year! If you aren’t already, keep up with me via Twitter and continue sending me your great links via the contact […]


The holidays are coming up, so why not spice up those boring reports and papers with colored staples? They come in gold, blue, red, and green. Staple your papers together with all 4 of these colors and create a festive mood for all recipients! For $6.50, you can get 2000 of these at standard staple […]