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Here’s an interesting start-up called HandUp that is being described as a Kickstarter for homeless and people in need. The company lets the public donate directly to people in need — whether it be clothes, a computer, or a home. HandUp takes care of any fees between you and your recipient and makes sure that […]

Channel 4 News meets the people living underground in tunnels beneath Romania’s capital Bucharest, abandoned by society to a life of drug addiction and shocking conditions.

This is awesome. HOMELESSFONTS.orgĀ is an Arrels Foundation initiative that invites homeless people from the street to turn their unique handwriting styles into fonts so that people and companies can purchase them to use. Much like a font bank, HOMELESSFONTS makes money from the sale of these fonts which in turn go back to the Arrels […]

The Christchurch Earthquake in 2011 caused a lot of damage to property. Many buildings were abandoned and left to rot, and amidst the chaos a small group of people — homeless people — ended up having some really great places to live for a while.