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This is so great. I remember when Amazon looked like this. Check it out, presumably for today only.


It’s hard to see in these small screengrabs, but I’m leaning more towards Luis Vaz’s redesign here of the Google homepage as an extremely detailed and information-filled landing page instead of the usual simple Google interface the company is known for. With a big enough monitor, I can imagine having all of your Google account […]

15 Years of Apple's Homepage from Charlie Hoehn Charlie Hoehn used the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to compile screengrabs of what the Apple.com homepage has looked like over the last 15 years. Amazing.


RebelMouse is an interesting new invite-only beta that crawls through your social media accounts (if you let it) and creates a personal hub of your information, likes, shares, and other social interaction. Once you activate your account through Twitter or Facebook, the service creates a page of editable tabs which can be arranged and rearranged […]

Engadget posted this video of an amazing visual project that turns the 90s-era mega-homepage site, GeoCities, into an actual city that you can zoom into and browse around in. The 650GB GeoCities archive which was saved before the site went offline is used as the backbone of this Deleted City.