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I very much like Google’s new optional homepage background images. Of course, there’s a bunch of sucky photos to choose from, but the Editor’s Picks aren’t too bad so far. Plus, I like how the background image fades in when you mouse over the homepage. Nice subtle effect.

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I visited the Google homepage today and was very surprised to see an ad for the Nexus One just sitting beneath the search box. The space is usually reserved for non-profits and good causes which makes this new line of text featuring the phone somewhat of a shocker. Then again, it’s their own phone so […]

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WordPress.com has a new layout for their homepage, showcasing the top content from WordPress.com blogs.


Look at the big image in the center of The New School homepage. It says: NEW YORK IS POSSIBILITY THE NEW SCHOOL IS NEW YORK Can anybody explain to me what this means? It just sounds like absolute nonsense.


Believe it or not, Facebook turns 5 tomorrow and the folks at the company have posted a Facebook retrospective on the design of the homepage. I can still remember registering for the site 5 years ago and realizing that it was one of the better ways to connect to people online. It took several years […]