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Sony FS700 Super Slow Motion Fixed Gear Freestyle Test from megamouth on Vimeo.

I’ve heard train hopping stories from friends before and I’ve always been both fascinated by it and scared as hell of doing it. Now, VICE takes a camera and makes sure that I’ll never actually have to do it. I can sit in my office and just watch these 3 guys do it and then […]

hop! the following suitcase from rodrigo garcía on Vimeo. This is sort of like TAKE A SEAT which I posted about back in 2008, except instead of a seat, it’s a suitcase. I can’t imagine this would bode well for airport security, but I can see how this would be useful for certain instances where […]

How To Train Hop from Jeff Seal on Vimeo. I’ve heard some seriously crazy stories about the dangers of train hopping, but if comedian Jeff Seal has anything to add to the conversation, it’s simply that it’s not as bad as it all sounds (for now at least). Sure you can get your legs chopped […]