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I’m trying to get my hands on this book by Mike Brodie called¬†A Period of Juvenile Prosperity¬†published by Twin Palms Publishers. The book focuses on the faces Mike Brodie saw as he train hopped his way across the United States. It’s a raw and very real look at the dangers, characters, and freedom one sees […]


Want the best movie-hopping experience possible? Head on over to TheaterTag and enter your zipcode, then select the movies you want to see, and take the handy chart with you to make sure you don’t miss a single second of any film.


This is a bit old, but I’m clearing out some really old posts I had written but never published. Despite the time difference, this article still holds up. Watch as Juxtapoz Magazine sends Joshua Blank on a freight train hopping adventure with street artist Swampy. I’ve always been fascinated by Swampy’s work and story and […]

Lots of hate surrounding the release of this ad for the Color app for iPhone and rightfully so. The company has yet to find a good and decent way of advertising their product so that the general public will understand what it actually does. Sure, it’s sharing…but how? Judging by the high amount of dislikes […]