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If you have the latest MBA or the latest MBP with Retina Display, Henge Docks now has a solution for you to easily dock and undock your laptop from a workstation. The Henge Horizontal Dock for MacBook is here and it’s got six USB 3 ports, 2 audio ports, Ethernet connection, SD card slot, FireWire […]


I have no idea why this video is uploaded in slow-motion so bear with it as you see the railroad spray paint device made by street artist D Tagno in action. It’s a disguised railway signal that sprays horizontal lines over the surface of a passing train. It’s vandalism at its best and “art” if […]

Perhaps the coolest thing in the current May 2011 issue of WIRED magazine for the iPad is the ads. Sure, the free price tag is nice too, but did you know that if you rotate the iPad on specific ads in the magazine, the ad completely changes? Take this Banana Republic one for example. Nice […]

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Here’s some excellent work from Juan Pablo Bravo who lays out 100 different Pixar film characters and compares their relative sizes and heights. [via] Click here to see the full horizontal poster.