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So beautiful. Would love to go here and just hang out for a bit. UPDATE: Whoa! It turns out that I really can come here and hang out! Mustang Monument is an eco-resort located just outside of Wells, Nevada. It’s closely associated with Saving America’s Mustangs which aims to preserve plains for wild horses to […]

Here’s an interesting report from The New York Times about a 1971 law that saved wild horses from being killed. The government stepped in and rounded up these horses onto government land owned by the Bureau of Land Management. Now, over 40 years later, the government is running into a new predicament as a direct […]

Really excited to see this performance in person at Grand Central Terminal. Nick Cave trained dancers at Alvin Ailey to participate in this piece.

This is neat and hopefully I’ll be able to see this next week. Nick Cave is doing a performance piece in Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall beginning March 25th and ending March 31st. The performance includes people dressed up as very colorful horses walking around Vanderbilt Hall and will run everyday between 11AM and 3PM. The performance piece is […]