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What disturbs me a lot about the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown situation is that it’s a polarizing one. How can this be polarizing? How can anybody be on Chris Brown’s side except for maybe his mother? And how can fans defend him for this act? If you’re a fan of his music, fine, whatever, the guy […]

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Click image to enlarge It’s taken me weeks to track this down, but after a quick tip from Conan himself (on his new show on TBS), I now know where I can buy one of those ridiculous unnamed “Ex-Talk Show Host” masks modeled after Conan. When this pops up on Amazon, I’m going to get […]


Public School is really making me want to switch my hosting provider from Media Temple to a new host called WP Engine. WP Engine is a dedicated WordPress host with a bunch of WP-optimized features and settings that make any WordPress site run smoothly. Frankly, this site is beginning to grow beyond Media Temple’s limits […]


Heads up Conan fans, there’s bad news in the air: Next week is supposedly going to be the Conan’s last week as the host for The Tonight Show. The whole debacle between NBC and him and Jay Leno has gotten pretty ugly over the last week and now Jeff Zucker, head of NBC, is making […]