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This is pretty amusing. There’s a Google Chrome extension called Time Is Money¬†that converts item prices to hours worked so you know just how much time you’re spending at work to buy that thing you really, really want. It works well on Amazon (US) and a few other sites.

THE FIRST 36 HOURS: An inside look at Hurricane Sandy from Jeff Pinilla on Vimeo. Jeff Pinilla hung out with the PIX11 crew during the early hours of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall and filmed this video of how the conditions were hours before the storm even officially hit and hours after it left. This is one […]


A new report from UBS puts the average wage of an employee in 73 cities into perspective by showing us how long one would have to work in each city to purchase a McDonald’s Big Mac. If you love Big Macs, Nairobi is not the place for you to be living; Chicago on the other […]