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I’ve posted about Michael Wolf’s Hong Kong Corner Houses before but I didn’t know that he had a book published with them in it. If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong, you’ve undoubtedly come across a few of these corner buildings, often rounded at the tip and every bit as beautiful as all of the […]


I love that Hooked On Houses gives the Benjamin Moore paint colors for different house sections in this brilliant article that breaks down the designs of each house in the ABC show Modern Family. This is an interesting little tidbit of information on Modern Family: The original title of the show was “My American Family,” […]


I really love these fantastical creations by Jim Kazanjian made up from found photographs. They seem both impossible yet believable at times and look like something out of a fairy tale book. Check out some selects inside.


This is pretty wild. A mall in Zhuzhou, China called the Jiutian International Square, is home (ha!) to 4 houses at the top of its structure. The four houses will be home to the building’s developers so they can be on-site should anything happen. They’ve even got a lawn. Is this considered luxury living in […]

A controlled demolition unlike any I’ve seen before. Interesting how they cracked the building in half instead of making it fall in on itself.

Nau produced this video on Dee Williams and her 84-square-foot house that she tows along behind her Ford pickup truck. She and her business partner Katy Anderson started up Portland Alternative Dwellings to help others live a more modest life with as few possessions as possible. Do you think you could do this?