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Been thinking about getting one of these lately. Should I?

Great historical piece by Animal on the uphill battle to pass the Fair Housing Act of 1968 after the death of MLK, Jr.


Photographer Michael Friberg goes in a helicopter high over Phoenix, Arizona to get a glimpse of how suburban sprawl is a poor use of land and a seemingly dizzying visual spectacle. It’s cookie-cutter architecture and planning at its best and worst. Check out the images inside.

Studio WG3 has created a type of pre-fab house that is small, light, and that can be installed in just about any location you choose. The house is small and is really meant for temporary housing when big events call for more available units instead of larger hotels being built. MAKING OF / HYPERCUBUS from […]

A neat project from YMFY that aims to provide a free and easy-to-use form for creating better Craigslist ads for real estate. Help them raise $3000 and be a part of the better-designed future of the web.

I’m excited because this is getting oh so real by the day.