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This is one of my favorite childhood movies. And unlike many of my childhood favorites, this film still stands on its own two feet as a remarkable and highly enjoyable film even after all these years. While there have been a few films that tried to do what Roger Rabbit had done here (mix traditional filmmaking […]

Over on Behance, Mickaël Forrett has laid out in painstaking detail how he went about making the amazing animation above called Horizon. The computer animation consisted of motion graphics, digital landscape design, and environmental aspects adapted from real imagery. The result is an amazing piece of digital animation that makes even this fictitious world seem […]

Interesting how this went from small hit, to internet sensation, to big-time record deal.


Check out this fantastic 3-color screenprint made by DKNG Studios for The Black Keys. The limited-edition run of posters is beautiful up close but the real treat is seeing how the poster was designed, illustrated, and made in this how-it-was-made video. Unfortunately, this poster has been sold out completely, but at least you can still […]


How does Old Spice make Isaiah Mustafa look so good in those whimsical scene-changing commercials that have proven so popular lately? If you guess huge moving sets, you are right as you’ll see in the video above showing how the Scent Vacation spot was created. Also, note the wardrobe of Director Tom Kuntz. Yes, that’s […]