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If you’re wondering what this color customization costs so much, this video explains it all.

In case you were wondering (like I was), here’s how a safe/vault gets delivered and installed with the use of a staircase. That handtruck is something!

Curious City: How do they clean the bean (Cloud Gate) in Millennium Park? from WBEZ on Vimeo. I’ve never seen Chicago’s “Bean” myself, but I have seen plenty of photos of people touching it, and I’ve always wondered how this thing stays clean. Now I know.

I really like trains. So seeing how trains help bring another favorite item of mine — the space shuttle — into space is rather interesting. I had no idea the rail system was so intertwined and important to space shuttle missions. [via]

You already know the best way of cleaning the glass on a moving walkway (or sidewalk). So why not complete the task by learning how to properly clean an escalator’s steps too? JOB COMPLETE! [via]