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The Verge writes a really great in-depth article (with videos) about the new HTC One (M8). Check out their video review inside, or watch the video above about the design team behind this phone.

I don’t understand why they put out a new phone so quickly. It’s the paradox of choice.


I couldn’t tell from the product images (see inside), but on video, this HTC One is a beauty! Software-wise, everything else is as expected for a new phone.

Wow, what a great version of “Rill Rill” (or whatever the original track is that Rill Rill is based off of). Anyway, HTC wished their riders well in this year’s Tour de France with this fantastic video of bike riders of all types cruising around Warsaw, Poland.

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TechCrunch has a bunch of photos of the Nexus One, Google’s first official foray in the mobile phone market. The phone is reported to be skinnier than the iPhone 3Gs with a larger touchscreen and a couple of extra dedicated buttons at the bottom. The phone is also said to be made by HTC and […]