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RebelMouse is an interesting new invite-only beta that crawls through your social media accounts (if you let it) and creates a personal hub of your information, likes, shares, and other social interaction. Once you activate your account through Twitter or Facebook, the service creates a page of editable tabs which can be arranged and rearranged […]


I need this 10-port magnetic USB hub. I always seem to run out of ports to plug in USB devices and this magnetic strip guarantees that I won’t have a hub just floating on my desk. Out of sight, out of mind (at least until I need to unplug something).


I’d really love to Velcro one of these 16-port USB 2.0 hubs to my wall near my computer. But a part of me is saying that my $72 can be better spent elsewhere. [via]

This station is projected to cost about $3.2 billion to erect by 2014. If it goes anything like the rest of the WTC site rebuilding, it’ll end up being completed much later and at a much higher cost. We should expect a re-estimate sometime next year telling us that they did the calculations wrong or […]


Simon showed me this Affix Free and Fixed Hub today that allows a rider to go from fixed-gear to freewheel in a matter of seconds. No more hub-flipping with this nice contraption! Check out the demo video below.


And I won’t pretend like I do (even after reading Prolly’s post and the comments that follow it). But I do know that this looks spectacular and that I want my bolts to be flushed just like they are here.