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After 5 years of talking about this and wishing to go, I finally took the day off yesterday and headed to Poughkeepsie to walk the Walkway Over The Hudson. The walkway is the revitalization of an old abandoned railway spanning the width of the Hudson River at the location. For many years, it stood in a dilapidated […]

Not that the Hudson was clean or anything, but if you had your doubts, well, then here’s video of what looks to be raw sewage spewing out of a Combine Sewage Overflow at the 79th Street boat basin. I miss New York!

The Enterprise Space Shuttle, which was used primarily for testing and training and never flew into outer space, made its way to the deck of the Intrepid earlier today where it will rest as part of the Intrepid’s museum space. Here’s a video of it being lifted onto the deck.


Photo: Paul Hosefros/The New York Times This photo from June 18, 1978 shows a collapsed pier at the Hudson River at Bethune Street in the Greenwich Village as sunbathers bathe nearby without a worry in the world. NYC in the 70s!