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Just a nice and soothing video about Hurricane Irene coming to NYC. Love the slow motion and black and white effect. [via]

Wait, what? How is this possible? How are they seeing? How are the trucks still working? How are the people in the cab not drowning? So many questions to be answered here! I am confused! [via]

So very late last night, Simon, Norman, Terri, Esther and I decided to go out into the relatively windy and wet NYC streets to see what it was like to bike during a hurricane/tropical storm. The video starts off with us biking in light rain during the day and then the 2nd half of the […]


This photo was seen over at CNN and while this may be a normal practice for some hotels, it’s the first time I’m seeing it for myself. Apparently the Hilton hotel in Ocean City keeps its furniture from blowing away in hurricane-force winds by dunking it all into the pool. This is so smart!

Watch live streaming video from breakinglivenow at livestream.com I knew the internet would deliver! If you aren’t in NYC, this is a live video stream of what it’s like. No hurricane here.