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Look at this video of Foursquare checkins during Hurricane Sandy. Watch as nearly the entire portion of Lower Manhattan goes without a single Foursquare checkin due to power being unavailable (and probably people realizing they don’t need to waste their cell batteries on useless checkins).

Miro High-Speed Inspiration Challenge: Anchor Me Here

Man, all of these videos entered into the Miro High-Speed Inspiration Challenge are so beautiful. Here’s one by Laura Egan filmed in the communities hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy.

A Storm to Remember from Rob Grieb on Vimeo. A look back at how Hurricane Sandy has changed NYC.

Horrible timing for this homeowner who was nearly finished with his home when Hurricane Sandy struck. He’s starting over again, but he is glad he spent money on a good foundation for his home.

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Check out this series of photos from Charles le Brigand of sand dunes made as a result of Hurricane Sandy cleanup. They look like pyramids straight from a lunar landscape!

Beach 87th St. / Surfing After Sandy from Lukas Huffman on Vimeo. Wow, I did not know that the Rockaways had such good surf.