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A contractor working on a house in North Phoenix, Arizona stumbled upon a time capsule put in place by a woman named Betty Klug in 1966. The time capsule was placed there unbeknownst to Betty’s husband Bruce until the contractor contacted Bruce and showed him the contents. The story is very moving especially since Betty […]

Man, I would flip out on this dude if I encountered this situation.

Back in 2010, Marina Abramović presented “The Artist Is Present” at the MoMA in NYC. In the exhibition space, she sat at a large table staring at anybody who would sit down and share a few minutes with her. Her performance with each stranger was captured on video. During this stint, she was surprised to see […]


The world used to be so much more saturated once it left black and white. PHOTOGRAPH BY VOLKMAR K. WENTZEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC