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This could easily be an ad for Hyundai, but it’s not. It’s just a bunch of people practicing the sport of Hajwalah (or Tafheet). You may remember scenes like this from MIA’s music video for “Bad Girls”. That’s one of my favorite music videos.

1 of 18 / Made by Humans / Hyundai Vision Hall / Hyundai Motor Group from Universal Everything on Vimeo. Universal Everything created this 16K video look called Made By Humans for the Hyundai Vision Hall at Hyundai Motor Group. Lovely visual.

2012 Yeosu EXPO HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP – Hyper-Matrix from yangsookyun on Vimeo. This is amazing! Some sort of project for Hyundai.

Hyundai is putting together this video series called RE:GENERATION about some of the hardest hitting musical geniuses of today. The video is being produced in conjunction with The Grammy’s and will feature (among other artists) DJ Premier, Mark Ronson, Skrillex, The Crystal Method, and Pretty Lights. Should be interesting and worth watching when it comes […]