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This video accompanied The Verge’s fantastic article on the IBM Model M Keyboard.

IBM - Auto from Buck on Vimeo.

This IBM Auto promo is very much describing what Ford has done in their Vehicle-2-Vehicle (V2V) demos.


In this video called “Happy Planet”, Zim and Zou create a miniature world of colorful papercraft creations, all of which come together to make IBM’s holiday greeting card for last year.

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co, the folks responsible for selling the classic 1960s-era IBM wall clock for $235, puts out this video to show how the clock has been re-issued to the same quality of its original. A beautiful piece of hardware done right!

Haha, mad cheesy. This gem (and many others presumably) can be found at Stanford’s Apple archives.


Lovely! Schoolhouse Electric is now selling the IBM Standard Issue Clock for $235. An iconic time-piece for your wall that is absolutely beautiful!!