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WTF?! There was a shooting at the Bryant Park ice skating rink last night that involved a 16-year-old pulling his gun on a 20-year-old man and shooting him, injuring the man and one other innocent bystander. I’ve included a video of the event inside.

Gawker posted this video of an insane Norwegian man ice skating almost naked, drinking a lot of booze, and diving full-body into a mostly frozen lake. Normal practice for the winters in Norway? You tell me.

Improv Everywhere teamed up with Kenny Moir from the Ice Theater of New York to delight some ice skaters in Bryan Park with a surprise performance. They did it by having Moir pretend like he didn’t know how to skate and then he slowly went to expert-level in a matter of minutes as the music […]

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Beginning mid-January, if you would like to ice skate in a brand-new rink here in NYC, you can head over to The Standard New York in the Meatpacking District and skate your heart out. The 3000-square-foot rink will be $12 for admission and $3 for 3 different types of skates. On top of that, you […]


Photo: Jack Wilkes/LIFE I guess if Doobybrain.com had a “moment of zen” feature, this would be it. The LIFE archives has a series of slightly peculiar photos of an unnamed elderly man ice skating in Peiping, China. The photographs were taken in February 1946 by Jack Wilkes. Here’s a couple more of the same old […]