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I could’ve sworn this was my cat Tygra, but after looking at some of the other videos on this person’s channel I don’t think it is. Still, I can’t help but think how funny it is that these two cats have the same name and such similar patterns.

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/Film has an interesting article about a reoccurring prop newspaper that’s apparently been used in movies and TV shows for the past several decades. If you look closely at this gallery of screengrabs from TVs and movies you’ll see that everybody on TV and on the big screen are all reading about the same thing. […]

Verve Photo posted this insane photo from Livia Corona’s series entitled Two Million Homes for Mexico. Through this series, Livia has documented the incredible building of these housing projects in Mexico and Baja California and explored the effects they have on the surrounding communities and the lives of those who dwell there. In these communities, […]

Remember that video of Ke$ha that I posted from Conan O’Brien? Well, it turns out that a few days before that live performance, she performed “Tik Tok” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and it was literally identical to the one she performed on Conan.