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Holy cow. If you’re an idiot and you yell that you’ve got Ebola, well, the airline is going to take it seriously and send in a health crew in full hazmat bubble suits. Pretty scary, but understandable when there’s an idiot on a plane and a real possible threat to spreading Ebola.


Click image to enlarge This man here tried to make me give him a dollar for taking a photo of him with a cat on his head on a public street. Yeah, ok. HELL NO. Well, now that you’ve made a fool of yourself, here’s your photo FOR FREE on the internet. If you see […]


This one’s good (from this post). See tags for extra commentary by me.

And the train wreck just keeps getting worse. In a continuation of a series of interviews with Katie Couric, Sarah Palin was asked in this particular segment to name some newspapers that she reads regularly for news. More than once, Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin to name just one newspaper and Sarah Palin just continued […]