I like this a lot: Deadspin put together maps of the continental US (sorry Hawaii and Alaska!) of where IHOP and Waffle House locations are based. IHOP is the clear winner in terms of expansion, but IHOP doesn’t have anything like the Waffle House Index¬†(a way of determining how bad hurricanes are based on whether […]

STORYBOARD: Breakfast with Kreayshawn from Tumblr on Vimeo. Tumblr Storyboard reminds me that Kreayshawn’s debut album Something ‘Bout Kreay is out. It’s on Spotify too.


The Real Deal is reporting that IHOP is set to open another Manhattan location in Chelsea’s Limelight. The restaurant will occupy the first and second floors and will be alongside Grimaldi’s and Todd English which already have locations inside the former church. And yes, this location will be 24/7. AWESOME!!

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The diner business in NYC is about to get some serious competition from IHOP who hopes to open 24 new locations in the Tri-State area in the next few years. Finally, that lone IHOP in Queens will have some help.

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Click the image above to see the new IHOP Pancake Stackers up close. Just look at that delicious cheesecake sandwiched between two buttermilk pancakes. I’m drooling just thinking and looking at this photo.

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This looks delicious! IHOP just introduced the pancake stacker — a pancake “sandwich” with cheesecake in between two pancakes with strawberry and whipped cream on top! Who wants to try this with me?