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This is scary. Ivan Tukhtin was driving late at night on the New Jersey Turnpike when he suddenly came across a very odd looking roadblock. No lights, no police, just a shady man in a hoody and several traffic cones in the middle of the highway. Ivan suspects that he was in the midst of […]


Look at this set of photos posted on Gothamist of an underground Subway tunnel party taking place in what some are saying to be the abandoned 2nd Avenue Subway section from Canal St. to Pell St. The organizers of the event met up in DUMBO and then took a walk presumably towards Manhattan and entered […]

Oh my gosh, this is the best. No need for DRM, just make any pirated game do this and you’ll get people flocking to stores to get real copies.

I just found this out and it’s hilarious. Apparently the developers of the game Crysis Warhead decided to go about fighting video game pirates by changing all of the bullets in the game into chickens. The change happens when a crack is applied to the game, and even worse for the gamers, is that the […]