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Gelatinous Creased Lesion - Chris Pottinger www.TASTYSOIL.com

  Thank you Monster Brains for introducing me to the work of Chris Pottinger! Love! More inside!


A few weeks ago I was at The Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO and fell in love with the Adrian Tomine prints they had displayed on the wall. I’ve seen his work adorned on the covers of The New Yorker before as well as randomly online here and there, but never realized that he had several […]


Check out these whimiscal illustrations from Brooklyn-based artist Monica Ramos. This series here is called Comfort Food.


There’s something really lovely about Randy J. Hunt’s marker drawings (more like sketches, actually) of former popular websites. Shown below are Geocities, Friendster, and Myspace. You can buy each of these drawings for $400 on Etsy.


These illustrations by J. Powers Bowman are just phenomenal. So detailed! I imagine that these would look amazing as tattoos. See more of them in detail here!


If I had known earlier that you can make a career out of drawing monsters and weird looking people, I would have gone that route instead. Instead, here’s Lomaho Kretzmann’s collection of drawings to enjoy. [via]