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Remember that awesome prank where a guy makes people think he dropped his iMac? Here’s part 2!


You’ve seen chrome and gold MacBook Pro’s already, but have you seen a gold iMac? Granted, it’s not the latest version of the iMac, but it’s still eye-popping.

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512 Pixels has a post up with nice pictures of the iMac G3 lineage — the computer that basically saved Apple from being complete history. A nice trip down memory lane.


Interesting, especially since some of these iMacs are not special-order iMacs.

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It’s going to happen anyway so I don’t understand why Apple didn’t just go ahead and release the thinner 27″ Thunderbolt Display today too.

BGR posts this video of the not-so-perfect Zorro Macsk for the iMac that turns your iMac into a giant touchscreen in just 10 minutes. It uses infrared technology to sense where fingers are on the display panel and while it does work for simple things, it seems to lag a bit or not work at […]