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This was incredibly interesting to learn about and hear explained in great technical detail.

This is a really neat idea for a video. Can you notice the still images before they come to the foreground?


I just stumbled upon a gold mine of NASA images. I am a happy kid right now.


This is one of the most incredible image archives I’ve ever had the pleasure of digging into. I knew that NASA routinely released images from their missions and I’ve seen plenty of images from the Apollo 11 mission, but never have I seen it so organized as this: The Apollo 11 Image Library. Using DownThemAll! […]

It still baffles me that you can make a living like this. Mark Kologi sells found photos. None of them taken by him and nearly all of them just simply found or stumbled upon by him. He sorts them into bins and has sort of become a curator of sorts for ordinary images. If you’ve […]