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This is satellite imagery taken every 5 minutes on May 20, 2013, the day that a deadly tornado struck Moore, OK.


I don’t know how I missed this news, but apparently we now have 3D maps of Mars made from a lot of flat 2D images mixed with stereoscopic image data. The data is captured by the European Space Agency aboard the Mars Express.


Ben West and Felix Heyes have run every word in Oxford’s Pocket Dictionary through Google Image Search and create a book they call Google that defines these words with the first image result taken from Google. The result is a huge volume that gives an accurate snapshot of the year 2012 via Google Images. Here’s […]

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Just discovered this site called HUGEpic that sort of combines the zoomability of Google Maps (or any mapping program for that matter) with giant images to give you an experience similar to that of the Gigapixl project. Here’s a really weird example.

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Photo: Michael Benson You may be thinking, How come the name Michael Benson doesn’t ring a bell as an astronaut who I’ve heard about going to space? Well, that’s because Michael Benson has never gone to space. So how is it that he’s creating these beautiful planetary images posted over at The Morning News? He […]

Laser keyboard, holographic images, what can’t this iPhone 5 do? Seriously, is there no producer over at Fox 5?