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I’m excited to start this book by Daniel Gilbert called Stumbling on Happiness. The book scientifically and psychologically breaks down why humans are so poor at judging what will make them happy. Often times we think something will make us happy, but in the end it really doesn’t. Gilbert delves into the complexities of the […]


When I used to read fantasy books (one of my favorite genres, by the way…), I always imagined the worlds to be sort of like how the Hildebrandt Brothers imagined them to be in their paintings. Monster Brains has got a few to show.

Man, watching this video really makes me want to go to Disneyland in California. I’ve never been there and hearing Kevin Rafferty, Senior Concept Writer, and Director for Walt Disney Imagineering talk about his expertise in his field is quite inspiring. I feel happier watching the video so I can only imagine what it’ll be […]