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Reyhan Harmanci over at BuzzFeed has written an eye-opening article about the select individuals Google hires as contract freelancers to weed out the despicable, gruesome, and highly inappropriate parts of the internet. The interview with one such Google hire states that he’s developed dark psychological problems due to the nature of his work — that […]

Australian news is so great. Really miss the on-air banter that’s like this (and also the accents). [via]


Photo by mikest So maybe you heard about Kenneth Cole’s ill-timed tweet about the events in Cairo coupled with the launch of his Spring collection. If you haven’t, let me just say you’re one of the few — brush up on your current events!! Anyway, lots of people are angry about it — as they […]

I had a good laugh at this clip from truTV’s show called “Principal’s Office”. In the clip above, two kids are called into the principal’s office to discuss dirty dancing behavior and the duo proceed to basically make fun of the situation by offering up all possible scenarios of inappropriateness. The principal seems satisfied in […]


Carrie Reichardt is selling a bunch of very amusing plates that show innocent and cute looking images coupled with vulgar or inappropriate sayings. I’d love a set of these to put out for guests when they eat at my house. Grab some plates here. [via]


Anyone who has ever used YouTube knows that the people who comment on videos are not the brightest of the bunch. Comments on YouTube are characteristically known for their use of profanity, bad grammar and spelling, and all-around lack of courtesy towards other users of the site. At YouTube sunshine, you can revel in the […]