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Just started using Google’s Inbox today and it’s great. I can totally see myself using this over just normal Gmail.

Google may be trying to reinvent email again. Not sure how this will play out in my own life, but I asked for an invite in anyway.

Google is rolling out a new redesigned Gmail experience for users that focuses on organization and sorting. This, to me, is what Priority Inbox should have been. Excited to see it in action in my own account.


I haven’t gotten my invite yet (I’ve put it in!) but Fast Co. has a quick preview of what I should expect from AOL’s new email inbox initiative they’re calling Alto. Alto is a new way to visualize and organize your email all while allowing you to keep your current email address (Alto currently works […]


It should be noted that the latest version of the wonderful email client Sparrow for Mac now includes POP and IMAP support. Get it for free, or get it for $10! It’s up to you! But definitely get it!