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If you haven’t heard, Amazon just raised Prime pricing to $99/year. Up until now, the Amazon Prime (One Year Membership) was $79. This price hike might seem a bit steep to some, but to me, this is still ok (especially considering how much stuff I get from them). For those who want to lock in […]


Hmm, this is a really interesting report from Cockeyed.com showing how much fast food prices have increased between 2002 and 2013. The site reports that the Consumer Price Index should indicate only a 28% jump in prices rising between this time period, but every single fast food chain has increased their prices much more than […]

NYC The Blog posted an amusing video report about how some NYC residents are protesting fare hikes by buying unlimited Metrocards in bulk and then using them as group Metrocards or just swiping strangers through the turnstiles for free. An unlimited Metrocard in NYC can be used every 18 minutes as many times as you’d […]

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MTA is encouraging everyone who rides mass transit to stop immediately and get on a bicycle.

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Starting July 1, 2010, domain registrations for .COM’s and .NET’s will increase (.COM’s by 7% and .NET’s by 10%). WHAT. -_-

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This post seems rather fitting considering the fact that I just posted about The United States of McDonald’s. Anyway, here are some examples of the clock made of McDonald’s foods that DDB (The Philippines) created which ended up increasing sales in the area by 13.9% vs the same period the previous year. The billboards were […]