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Red Bull Music Academy takes a look back at the past 12 years of DFA, the independent record label that made hipsters hip! A little bit of NYC music history here!

Wow, check out this massive Kickstarter project that has already raised over $4 million for an open-source gaming platform powered by Android. The OUYA will allow independent game designers to create games for the console and let people with the OUYA play parts of the games for free (or sometimes, the entire game for free). […]

Kio Stark is enlisting the help of the internet to help her fund a book she’s researching and writing called “Don’t Go Back To School: A Handbook For Learning Anything”. It talks mainly about how people can learn independently either just as good or better than if they went back to an educational institution for […]


A new Harris Interactive poll suggests that there are many, many stupid people on all sides of the political spectrum. I just can’t help but think that if you answered “true” to some of the statements on this list, then you are ignorant beyond belief. I mean, sure, you can hate the guy all you […]

I had no idea you could control a split-tongue like that! This is actually kind of gross. [via]