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I guess this sort of sucks. But it seems Mission Chinese in NYC has once again been shut down by the Health Department for a mice infestation. No worries though I guess. That means it’ll be super-duper clean for a few weeks after it reopens. This will never stop me from going here.

This is my worst nightmare. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Stuck on a bus with roaches everywhere.

Not for the squeamish. In fact, I still have goosebumps even after closing the video page. But here it is: This is bed bug expert Lou Sorkin letting a bottle filled with bed bugs feast on his forearm all in the name of research. Yep, it’s nasty, so only press play if you haven’t eaten […]

OMG!! I’m not scared of mice or rats, but this would definitely make me cringe a bit. Scurrying rodents everywhere you look! If you like what you watched, you can see more Australian rodent infestation in this earlier Doobybrain post.