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A TED-Ed animation that helps us visualize German mathematician David Hilbert’s example of how to picture and wrap our minds around the concept of infinity.


I love the work here of Iván Navarro, a Chilean-born artist who uses lights and one-way mirrors to create illusions of infinite depth. [via]

In all of the videos I’ve seen in the last week (maybe even the last month), this is my favorite. It’s a video from National Geographic of photographer Carsten Peter venturing into the largest cave system on earth. The cave is located in a remote mountainous region of Vietnam and it’s largely still unexplored. It’s […]


A seamless never-ending loop of Ron Swanson doing his drunk dance. Best website to load on every computer at an Apple Store near you!

This will most likely be taken down at some point, but while it’s up, check out the intro to the movie Limitless. It’s a take on fractal zooming — a sort of infinite zooming sequence that enlarges the picture plane in front of you until it is out of frame only to have another picture […]