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John B. Sparks created this insane graphic in 1931 called The Histomap which charts approximately 4000 years of world history in one long poster. The chart was sold for $1 and included in some books in the ’20s and ’30s. See it large right here.

A pretty good piece featuring a ton of data visualization projects that I’ve posted about here on Doobybrain before.

Citronnade from Grymo on Vimeo. I have never seen a recipe video like this before. Totally fresh.

Gestalten.tv goes to The New York Times building to meet with Graphics Director Steve Duenes and his team to talk about how they come up with so many infographic on a daily basis while still making sure that each one is clear and concise and not confusing to read. [via]


The Occupy Wall Street movement is moving into this tangible form that shows some gorgeous designed infographics being stamped onto dollar bills. It’s all about having the money you own speak for you. Seriously, look at the nice photos at Occupy George.