Tag: Infrared

Something to keep in mind for myself the next time I’m hopping a fence to get somewhere. I should just wear infrared LEDs all over my body. Everywhere.


625 discarded remote controls, repurposed to broadcast live television using the infrared LEDs inside each device. The picture is invisible to the naked human eye, but with infrared goggles, the picture is…there. Not exactly watchable, but it’s there. A neat project from Chris Shen.

The Evolution of Nike Air Max 90 Infrared by Afew-Store from Afew-Store on Vimeo. The older versions of this classic sneaker definitely outshine its more modern versions.

This is why I need to get myself to Disney California Adventure Park as soon as possible. The theme park’s World of Color nighttime show allows visitors to purchase special Mickey hats that glow with LED lights and become a part of the show itself. As the lights in the fountains go off, infrared sensors […]