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Wow, this is a really moving short piece about Ray Lucas who suffered from chronic pain due to his career in football.

Take a look at this video of a Ferrari jumping the curb and hitting pedestrians in the middle of Times Square. Believe it or not, this happened during a filming of a Nicolas Cage movie and the two pedestrians that were hurt were NOT actually part of the film set/cast/crew. Who approves a high-speed car […]

Lance Armstrong just posted a short video telling us about his post-op recovery process and giving us a closer look at his collar bone injury that he sustained in Spain during a cycling crash. He’s currently got about 12 screws in his body holding bones in place while they fully heal and at the moment […]


Photo: Rafa Gomez/Ciclismo a Fondo, via Reuters Lance Armstrong broke his right collarbone during a cycling crash in Spain. The injury threatens his opportunity to compete in the Tour de France in July and also the Giro d’Italia in May. This probably explains his lack of updates on Twitter today. Hope he heals in time […]