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Some 30 or so Vermont State Police vehicles were adorned with the decal above which shows a cow with a spot resembling the silhouette of a pig. The visual gaff was made somewhere within the prison system in Vermont which employs prison inmates with the task of printing these decals through a computer program. Very […]

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Photo: Damon Winter/NYT The New York Times takes a look at the prison in Port-au-Prince that crumbled during the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck that region. Many prisoners housed in that facility perished and those that survived escaped and are now reportedly part of the general population. Have a look inside this now abandoned Port-au-Prince […]

Arbroath linked to this truly horrific video of two US inmates — Paul Inman and David Boltjes — who underwent a very painful tattoo procedure to color the whites of their eyeballs. Nobody seems to know exactly how they did it and where they got their ink from, but if you watch the inmates describe […]

Two New Zealand prisoners are back in custody right now after trying to make a run for freedom only to be stopped by a light pole. You see, the two prisoners were handcuffed together when they decided that making a run for it would be logical. So they did and were immediately pepper-sprayed but not […]